Leaving Afghanistan and seeking asylum in Germany or Switzerland

Due to the recent events in Afghanistan, many calls are made with our offices on this issue. Questions are also asked about exit plans with the help of the German or Swiss military and, of course, other countries. And also, who and under what conditions are included in these programs

According to the latest news, Taliban forces have agreed with NATO forces that some Afghan citizens in Kabul can enter Hamid Karzai Airport.
The governments of Germany and Switzerland, along with other governments, have announced that they are evacuating a number of Afghan citizens by private flights and transferring them to their home countries.
At present, the German government is reportedly ready to accept tens of thousands of people. The Swiss government will accept many fewer
One of the most important conditions for admission and transfer is close cooperation with military or civilian forces in the past
For this purpose, people who belong to this group are asked to send their full details along with the type of cooperation in the past to the addresses that you see below.

Those involved in the program are asked to carry as little cargo as possible, for example just a small bag. Pets are also not allowed
Note that according to the news published by NATO forces, the only way out of Afghanistan is through Kabul airport, and NATO forces in other parts of the country do not seem to be carrying out this operation.

To be included in the German list, you must send your full details including your name, full description of the background and type of work, your contact number and email to this address


To be included in the Swiss list, you must email the above information to one of this addresses


Telephone numbers set up for Afghan local staff:

0049 (0)30- 1817-1000

0049 (0)30- 5000-1000

Farsipol Immigration Consulting can assist you in preparing this request and sending it to the relevant authorities. Please note that only those who actually belong to these groups, or their near families should be contacted.


The information will probably be updated again in the coming days. Farsipol does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the above news