You may have heard a lot of news in recent weeks and months about Germany’s dire need for labor. Especially from the chairman of the board of directors of the Labor Office in Germany

Recently, it has been reported that about 1.2 million workers are being sought in Germany, and with the current situation, it is proposed that this number be imported.

Is this really the case and has the number of jobseekers in Germany itself reached zero or below zero?

The truth is that labor is hard to find in some parts of Germany. The reason is, of course, something else that you will find out later

According to official statistics, nearly three million people are unemployed in Germany this year. About 800,000 others, who are not included in this statistic, are also unemployed, but did not enter the official unemployment statistics because they are taking supplementary or adaptive classes to integrate into the job market or find a job.

In total, more than five million people in Germany are dependent on government or social assistance for long-term unemployment. About four million of them are able to work in terms of employment

Of course unemployment is defined in German law. For example, people who work up to fifteen hours a week are considered unemployed.

Unemployment rate is calculated according to different formulas and its amount depends on the formula. In general, however, the unemployment rate in Germany is around six percent, which is better than in most EU countries.

Many European countries or even Canada have higher unemployment rates than Germany

For example in France about eight percent, Sweden nine percent, Italy more than ten percent, Spain fifteen percent, Norway about four percent, Canada about eight percent

Because hard work is hard to find in some simple jobs, it is often hard work and low income. Therefore, follow such immigration news and advertisements very carefully, because migrating to Germany for work or employment, despite these seemingly sweet numbers, is not easy, except for highly paid professionals.